Accor Mercure Hotel launches IM BOT

Accor one of the top hotel chains in the world is again at the forefront of hotel marketing innovation. The Mercure brand has rolled out “BOT”, one can only admire the simplicity of the name, an instant messaging service that provides guests with information about the local area.
Accessible through Facebook and Messenger, users simply need to ask questions about their surroundings such as “How long did it take to build the eiffel tower?” or “Where is the best tapas bar in Barcelona?”
BOT will then provide users with useful information as well as stories from others’ travel experiences under the “Local Stories” tab.
The real-time service can also ask questions and collect data from users in order to complete its knowledge base and enhance the experience.
Designed by French advertising agency BETC, the BOT is available from the dedicated Facebook page Mercure the Bot, on Messenger and will soon be relayed through the Mercure Facebook page.